Web 2.0 Project

My web 2.0 project has been a work in progress throughout the semester.  It turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated.  Not because creating a site is difficult but actually because it is so easy and there are so many options.  My goals is to create resources for my students that they will actually use.  Because of this, I settled on a facebook page and a wordpress blog.  Yet to be decided is if I will use my pbworks site or stick with the school website.  No doubt pb works will be more useful, but the Mendham school site seems like it may be easier to find in a search and it seems silly to have to click to a pbworks site to get a file when its possible to link files to my school website.

Here are the links:


This is the Mendham HS band webpage.  I put up a cool pep band video and some pictures about me for kids and parents.  I mostly plan to use this page to get info to kids and to give them an open forum to discuss aspects of the band program.  The thing is that kids already create sites and pages.  There are pre-existing pep band, marching band and other sites.  I’m hoping that though they didn’t have a hand in the creation of this page, kids will start to use it or at least check it for updates.


Here’s the Mendham Band blog.  The biggest problem with it is that the url doesn’t say Medham Band.  I like the idea of this blog as an info source for parents and students…. Hopefully they’ll start to check it as well.  I’m wondering if this is just redundant with the facebook page, however…

Finally,  here’s the link to my faculty website:


and here’s the pbworks site:


I’m not sure I need a pbworks site if I have the faculty site.  Yes it’s ugly and hard to use, but I am worried about redundancy!  Ultimately, I think I need a more professional website that contains everything.  That will be my summer project!