ProTools Project

| May 9, 2011

As I have mentioned before, I had the toughest figuring out how to start with Pro Tools.  Not because of the complexity of the program, but because I approached as a creative device like Garageband or Ableton.  I think Pro Tools is probably better suited to edit an existing piece after it has been recorded, or to use a different program and run it through Pro Tools.  Students in a high school will definitely have to come to Pro Tools with a background in music making whether that is in school in the band or at home.  Quite frankly students who play in garage bands or sing and play guitar will probably have a better idea of what to use the program for than a kid who sits in the back and plays the trombone.

So here is my ProTools project in all of its glory.  I took my awesome Reggae composition (One Love?  Stir it Up?) and made a fun little podcast out of it.  Editing took no time at all and was fun.  I feel much more comfortable with the tweaking/editing process than with creative part for now.  Hope you enjoy it.  (D-verb can do WONDERS for your band recordings!)

Tims Protools final.L