Met my match in Pro Tools

| May 7, 2011

I have learned much about using Pro Tools today.  First and foremost, I have discovered that Pro Tools is great for editing.  What it lacks are the loops, sounds, and instruments that make Garageband, Reason, and Ableton Live so exciting.  In other words, there’s no place to start and explore with Pro Tools like you can with the other programs.

I began my afternoon expecting a similar experience with Pro Tools that I had with Garageband:  I would experiment with some sounds and beats and create a nice little song.  Not so fast.  Using Pro Tools this way — just creating directly into the program — requires a good bit of creativity and musicianship that I either lack or was not ready to find at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.

What I came up with (I think) is a pretty boring version of Stir it Up (I’ve been listening to a bunch of Reggae this week).  The last hour was taken up with my trying to figure out how to use Reason instruments for the bass line (of the the classes I had to miss, last week was probably the poorest choice).  Hopefully I’ll be able to salvage something on Monday.

The program is definitely powerful, but for my money I’ll probably purchase Reason, and Ableton first.  Maybe once my kids get used to being creative with other programs they’ll want an editor with more power.  I’m certainly not there yet, and it may take a year or two for students to get there as well.