Ableton Live Project!

I had so much fun with the Ableton Live project.  With this software I will be able to show (or prove to) colleagues and administrators that students can be creative in a live performance with the loops they create in Garageband, Reason, and other software.

My song is quite long, because (I think) of the Rewire application.   When I began work on my project, it was at 80 bpm and I worked it out to around 2 minutes.  However during the final edit I had Garageband open and thus everything was played at 120 bpm.  I freaked out (not realizing the problem) and composed another half of the song.  What follows is essentially two, 2-minute songs in one file.  Don’t worry, I like them both.

The final project is a fun amalgamation of everything that was going through my head at the time:  I had recently watched some Monty Python and  Outsourced (which takes place in India, hence the sitar) and was listening to a bunch of blues.  Thus my eclectic Ableton Project, enjoy!

Tim’s Abelton Project